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We believe food is love and good food is a memory never forgotten.



We believe in top notch service which is genuine, thoughtful and full of love.



We believe you deserve the best dining experience and aim to give you just that.

Clearwater Restaurant is a brand new restaurant located on Newport, Oregon's Yaquina Bay. We are restaurant veterans who absolutely LOVE the Oregon Coast and decided to call it home!

Clearwater is the only full service restaurant on the Yaquina Bay with full Sea Lion Viewing overlooking Port Dock One and a top notch Coastal Cuisine menu from award winning chefs. 

We've  packed up our 40 years combined experience in 4 and 5 star California restaurants as Head Chef's, Sous Chefs, and restaurant owners and pulled into the Port of Newport. 

Doublas Soriano

Executive Chef

What we believe in!

Clearwater Restaurant in Newport, Oregon

Hans Goplen


Janell Goplen


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Waterfront Dining And Bar in Newport