Clearwater Restaurant, Best Restaurant in Newport Oregon for Waterfront Dining!

  Thank you Newport Awards!

August 21st, marks the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse!  We've got the best spot in Newport to enjoy watching the eclipse while having an amazing breakfast!  The Eclipse will be seen from Patio Tables outside as well as window tables inside!  We will open at 7AM for breakfast!  USA TODAY will be on our patio doing interviews and a live feed!  Seats are first come first serve.

Let's go to Clearwater!  Kids are requesting dinner, and games tonight! Parents, you can dine in relaxation knowing the kids are safe and having fun just steps away, while you enjoy a beautiful view, your favorite food and company.  Kids can enjoy comfortable chairs, and safe game playing on the kidsafe ipads. Ipads are blocked for browsing. 

Kids Lounge!

Eclipse Breakfast with USA TODAY!

Thank you for all of your votes!  We love our guests, and our wonderful community!  With our outdoor patio, sea lion viewing, and wonderful waterfront views, we've become the go to spot for waterfront breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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