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Dungeon Cove Deadliest Catch

The male Sea Lions have taken their annual journey to the warm waters of California. While they mate Newport locals are given a welcomed month of quiet nights without Sea Lion barking.  We are celebrating the silence with Happy Hour on the Patio every night from 8pm to close. Heaters and blankets will keep you warm as you over look the water and watch the boats in the bay.

Let's go to Clearwater!  Kids are requesting dinner, and games tonight! Parents, you can dine in relaxation knowing the kids are safe and having fun just steps away, while you enjoy a beautiful view, your favorite food and company.  Kids can enjoy comfortable chairs, and safe game playing on the kidsafe ipads. Ipads are blocked for browsing. 

Clearwater Restauant was honored to host the viewing party each week for Dungeon Cove Deadliest Catch this Fall.  

Discovery Channel's new series, featured several local fishing families.  The Law's, The Ripka's and The Rutherfords were the stars of the new show and graced Clearwater Restaurant with their presence each week!

Thanks to the crew new cocktails were created, including the Lady Law; Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice and Grey Goose.

We had a fantastic time with the cast and hope to do it all again next year!

You can buy your own apparel featuring the Dungeon Cove Deadliest Catch boats by going to or clicking here. 

Kids Lounge!

New Spring drinks have arrived!  We've added fresh spring  Cocktails and Mocktails to our menu.  The mocktails give you a great flavor with out the alchohol!  Try them during Happy Hour Noon-6 pm everyday in the bar/lounge.

Quiet Summer Nights Happy Hour

Thank you for all of your votes!  We love our guests, and our wonderful community!  With our outdoor patio, sea lion viewing, and wonderful waterfront views, we've become the go to spot for waterfront breakfast, lunch and dinner.

New Cocktails & Mocktails

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